[Teen Achieve Pageant]


[Blue Dot] Teen Achieve has five (5) components to the judging system.

  1. Application/Participation score: This includes the application completely and properly filled out, current and past community service, GPA, and school participation. This score also takes into account the applicant's meeting of all deadlines.

  2. Judges Interview: Junior Teens will be judged in three (3) minute round robin interviews with each judge. Teen contestants will have personal panel interviews five (5) minutes in length discussing their application, events current to teens today, and their chosen "platform."

  3. Sportswear/Physical Fitness: There is NO swimsuit competition in Teen Achieve! This competition will be scored on physical fitness and energy level in modeling a sports outfit of the contestant's choice. For example, tennis dress, cheerleading outfit, soccer outfit, etcetera.

  4. Arts Presentation: Contestant will present a speech entitled What Makes a Leader in America Today OR an arts presentation of her choice. This can include an exhibition of artwork, photography, or writing as well as any performing art (vocal performance, dance, dramatic presentation, or musical instrument of her choice).

  5. Formal Wear: Contestants must wear a floor length dress of their choice. We are judging the young lady, not the fanciness of her gown. A simple prom dress will suffice for this competition.

[Blue Dot] In case of a tie, interview scores will be used to determine the winner.